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Hi, I am Harminder Toor…’’Umm I am on harmindertoor.com – your name is obviously Harminder Toor, some writer you are’’. 

Fortunately for us both, I write to think, rather than to write.

For my sanity, writing is necessary, because through my various adventures:

I am inundated with random thoughts, questions and ideas. 

These thoughts, questions and ideas are best processed in the form of writing, which for the most part can be found here on the blog.

Why put this writing out into the world in the form of a blog?

Maybe you’ll help me sharpen, broaden and hopefully changing my thinking.

A final note before you disappear into the internet – I don’t use social media to promote. So to remember harmindertoor.com please bookmark this site or subscribe to receive emails (I don’t have a weekly newsletter or anything like that – I just email to keep in touch).

Enjoy your brief time here exploring my thinking/writing.

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